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Calling all Horror Filmmakers!

Scare us if you can!

Things 2 Fear Film Fest is a horror film festival by filmmakers, and fans of the horror genre. We want to shine a light on the horror genre as much as we can. Horror is our love, and we want to offer indie filmmakers a chance to show us your horrific visions on screen!

Once films are selected you will be notified, and the winning films will be viewed at The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Winchester, VA!

But we also offer another film challenge! If you are up for a SUPER CHALLENGE enter your film with a surprise prop mailed to you directly from Things 2 Fear Film Fest. Once you receive your prop, you must use it somewhere in your short film for your film to be eligible for the SUPER CHALLENGE. When your film is ready for submission, you must email us, so that we can send you a waiver code( so that don't pay twice!). For International entries, you will receive a theme or downloadable paper prop to add to your film! Email us for any questions.





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